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  • 1914 Proceedings of the Simla Conference (Third Meeting)
    Sir Henry McMahon said that the meeting had been called in order that the Chinese and Tibetan Plenipotentiaries might have an opportunity of laying on the table statements  of the evidence in regard to the respective frontiers claimed by them.
  • The Pure Crystal Mountain Pilgrimage of Tsari
    Tsari has always been synonymous of ‘sacred place’ in the Tibetan psyche. With the Mount Kailash and the Amye Machen in eastern Tibet, the pilgrimage around the Dakpa Sheri, the Pure Crystal Mountain has, since centuries, been one of the holiest of the Roof of the World.
    The ‘Pure Crystal Mountain’ lies at 5,735 meter above the sea in the Tsari district of southeastern Tibet. As already mentioned, Toni Huber  is one of the foremost scholars who wrote a great deal about this region from which the Subansiri  and the Tsari Chu flow: “The area of the two rivers into which Tsarong  ventured for military and commercial reasons had for centuries defined a very significant territory for both Tibetans and neighbouring non-Tibetans ”
  • The Chinese Threat
    Published by the Publication Division of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting  in 1963
  • The Case of Demchok
    About the border village in Ladakh and the new Chinese claims on the area: a historical perspective
  • The Indian Missions in Tibet (1954- 1959)
    Notes, Memoranda and letters Exchanged and Agreements signed between The Governments of India and China – WHITE PAPER I
    Reference on the Indian Mission in Lhasa and the Trade Agencies in Gartok, Yatung and Gyantse