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Visit President Hollande in India (2016)

  • Will the IAF not get its Rafales? – March 20, 2016
    With the Rafale fighter deal stuck over price, can the prime minister step in and find a way out for both countries?
    During the recently conducted Indian Air Force drill (‘Iron Fist Exercise 2016’) in Pokhran, Rajasthan, attended by President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi…
  • Hollande visit gainful, Rafale or no Rafale – January 28, 2016
    The French President was in India to take the next big step in the Rafale deal, but does this mark an end to the tortuous process for the mega purchase? The final contract hasn’t been made. Promises must be kept this time How is one to assess the state visit of a foreign dignitary?…
  • French are coming to jet, set, go – January 24, 2016
    India and France have always had a special relationship. I still remember freezing winter of 1982, when I travelled by train to Delhi from warm South India to meet President François Mitterrand. In those days, there was no terrorist threat and it was rather easy to approach a head of a state…
  • What will India serve Hollande on R-Day? – January 21, 2016
    While the Rafale deal seems to be the main order of business during French President Francois Hollande’s visit, other aspects could help sweeten the deal, says Claude Arpi.
    There was a time when head of States could leisurely travel abroad and spend a couple weeks visiting one or two friendly foreign countries…
  • A Talk with Hollande – January 20, 2016
    The French have recently rediscovered their old Gaulish belligerent genes. The list of France’s present military intervention outside its territory is long and the locations spread over two continents: Africa and the Middle-East. French troops are deployed in Syria (Ops Chammal, 3.500 men)…

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