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  • A Talk at Tibet House, New Delhi – July 6, 2008
    The fact that he has added two more commitments along the road (though they were engrained in his character since his childhood and probably from past lives), has not hampered in any way his deep commitment for Tibet; on the contrary, it has given a larger dimension and respectability to the Tibetan cause.
  • Fifty Years Ago: The Asian Relations Conference – 2007 (
    2007 is a year of celebrations; not only for India, but for Asia and Europe as well. In August, India will commemorate the 60th Anniversary of her Independence from the British. This week, while Europe observes the 50 years of the Treaty of Rome (which set up a common market between the six first Member States), Tibet remember that 60 years ago, the first Asian Relations Conference was organised in Delhi by the Indian Council of World Affairs. It was the first time that Tibet participated to an international Conference as a separate nation…
  • Visit of President Hu Jintao in India – December 2006 (The Tibetan World)
    President Hu Jintao has come and gone. Retrospectively, the Chinese leader’s four-day visit can best be described as ‘dull’. It was only the Tibetan protests which brought a bit of color to our TV screens or the front pages of newspapers: the monks with their maroon robes, the beautiful aprons of the ladies shouting slogans, the colorful Tibetan national flags or more sadly the immolation attempt by a youngster in Bangalore. The Joint Declaration considered the visit as ‘highly successful’, but nobody was really fooled.

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Book Reviews (The Negotiations & others)
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