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The Dalai Lama arrives in India (1959)

The Dalai Lama arrived in India on March 31, 1959. He was immediately granted asylum by the Prime Minister

  • First meeting with the Dalai Lama – April 3
    Lyou Hsia [Liushar] Thubten, Foreign Minister, Kungo Shase [Shashur
    Shape], Minister and Chichyap Khempu [Kempo], Secretary to the Dalai
    Lama came to see me soon after their arrival in Lumla.
  • Debate in the Lok Sabha – April 1
    Debate in the Lok Sabha (April 1, 1959)
    DEBATE: MOTION FOR ADJOURNMENT – Released by Chinese Embassy of Article in The People’s Daily
  • Chinese Statement – April 19
    On April 19, Peking Radio broadcast the Chinese reply to the Dalai Lama’s statement. It came as a commentary and was later circulated by the New China News Agency.
  • The Dalai Lama’s Stay in India: the PM in the Rajya Sabha – April 20
    The Prime Minister in the Rajya Sabha: The Dalai Lama’s Stay in India (April 20, 1959)
  • The Dalai Lama Press Conference in Mussorie – June 20
    At his first press conference in India, on 20 June 1959 at Mussoorie, the Dalai Lama told the story of the Tibetan rebellion in his own words. The following statement was issued to the newspapermen before the Dalai Lama answered questions:

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