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The Northern Borders

Papers on the Northern Borders of India

The Western Sector

[Paper] The case of Demchok On August 14, 1939, as he camped near Gartok, one of the three British...

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The Central Sector

[Paper] The History of Barahoti Plain On July 18, 1890, the Chief Secretary to the Government of The North-Western...

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The Eastern Sector

[Paper] Tibet in India-China Relations Tsari Pilgrimage Tsari has always been synonymous of ‘sacred...

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Essays on the Borders

Some research papers on the Indo-Tibet boundary The First Months of the Tibetan Army An aspect...

Dec 13, 2016

Other Research Papers

China’s Tibet Policy under a New Leadership An article on ’China’s Tibet Policy under a New Leadership’...

Dec 24, 2016

Tibet: the Last Months of a Free Nation - India Tibet Relations (Part I)

Though Tibet’s system of governance had serious lacunas, the Land of Snows was free and independent....

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