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  • Exile and Freedom: 50 years

    Exile and Freedom: 50 years

    Interview with Tempa Soepa – March 26, 2009On March 31, the Dalai Lama reached the Indian border in Tawang district of what is today the State of Arunachal Pradesh. A new life as a refugee was starting. What are the circumstances which lead to the ‘escape of the century’? Claude Arpi travelled to Dharamsala and met…

  • Recent articles – The Thurman Interview, etc

    Recent articles – The Thurman Interview, etc

    Why the Dalai Lama Matters – Interview Prof Robert ThurmanProf. Robert Thurman is a well-know figure in the United States. Not only because he was nominated as one of the 25 most influential Americans by the Time Magazine, but also because he is one of oldest supporters of the Dalai Lama, a respected scholar of Columbia…

  • The Western Sector

    The Western Sector

    [Paper] The case of Demchok On August 14, 1939, as he camped near Gartok, one of the three British (Indian) Trade Agencies in Tibet, Rai Bahadur Dr Kanshi Ram, the British Trade Agent (BTA) in Western Tibet, found finally time to write to the Political Agent of the Punjab Hill States in Simla: “I have…