Borders / August 5, 2020

The Central Sector

  • [Paper] The History of Barahoti Plain
    On July 18, 1890, the Chief Secretary to the Government of The North-Western Provinces and Oudh, submitted a report about “the reestablishment of a Tibetan picket at Bara Hoti”…
  • [Paper] History of the dispute between Tehri State and Tibet – A Himalayan Case
    One of main historic upshots of the relation between Tibet and the Himalayan region has been the Sino-Indian border dispute along the 4,000 km mountainous range.
    In many cases, the present ‘dispute’ with China has its origin in disagreement between the Lhasa government and the administration of Himalayan princely states (and by extension British India). This is true for NEFA too.
    Our case study relates to Nilang/Jadhang area in today’s Uttarakhand.
  • The Case of Shipki la
    August 4, 2020
    After looking at the ‘dispute’ in Chuva-Chuje area, I shall continue eastward and study the case of Shipki la (pass), also in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Chinese Claims in the Central Sector (Kaurik)
    July 30, 2020
    It was recently reported that the populations of the Lahaul and Spiti, and Kinnaur districts of the Himachal Pradesh were becoming increasingly nervous; they expressed serious concerns as China has been building roads leading to the Indian villages near the border.
    The Hindustan Times wrote: “Road construction along the Indo-China border, on no man’s land, came to fore after villagers of Kunnu-Charang in Kinnaur raised an alarm and informed the local administration and border patrol party.”
  • Nilang Valley reopened
    January 1, 2018
    Home minister Rajnath Singh celebrated the New Year with Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) troops in Nelong (or Nilang) valley. PTI commented: “This visit comes days after Chinese military said India should ‘strictly control’ its troops.” It was Singh’s second visit to the Sino-Indian border area in Uttarakhand; in September, he had a 4-day tour of the region.  Nelong Border Outpost (BoP), manned by the ITBP personnel, is located at the height of 11,700 feet. The home minister visited the ITBP’s 12th battalion headquarters in picturesque Matli, located at 3400 feet on the banks of Bhagirathi river.
  • China’s border tactics unchanged
    August 12,2016
    My article China’s border tactics unchanged appeared in The Asian Age/Deccan Chronicle
    Here is the link…
    Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi’s visit to New Delhi on Saturday will not change anything in the mindset of the leadership in Beijing, and the intrusions (transgressions?) will continue. It is important, therefore, that the Indian public is aware about the history of our borders.


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