1962 China-India War

documents on the 1962 conflict between India and China

New Archival Documents

a large collections of archival material related to India, China and Tibet

My Blog

on current affairs of India, Tibet, China ...and more

Indian Presence in Tibet

in 1947, India had a full-fledged Mission in Lhasa and three Trade Agencies

The Case of Demchok

a study of the border between Ladakh and Tibet

The Indo-French Relations

a series of old documents on the Indo-French relations

There are moments when the Spirit moves among men and the breath of the Lord is abroad upon the waters of our being; there are others when it retires and men are left to act in the strength or the weakness of their own egoism. The first are periods when even a little effort produces great results and changes destiny; the second are spaces of time when much labour goes to the making of a little result. It is true that the latter may prepare the former, may be the little smoke of sacrifice going up to heaven which calls down the rain of God’s bounty. Unhappy is the man or the nation which, when the divine moment arrives, is found sleeping or unprepared to use it, because the lamp has not been kept trimmed for the welcome and the ears are sealed to the call. But thrice woe to them who are strong and ready, yet waste the force or misuse the moment; for them is irreparable loss or a great destruction.

Sri Aurobindo, The Hour of God