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 Glimpses on History of Tibet
  • An Introduction
    These Glimpses demonstrate that in the past Tibet was an independent nation and though for sometime it lived in isolation, during most of the last 4000 years Tibet had constant contacts and interactions with the neighbouring nations. In some cases, Tibet was influenced by other cultures; in some others it spread its messages to other nations.
  • Panel 1
    The Origin
    Myths and Upheavals
  • Panel 2
    The First Steps
    Tibetan Archeology
  • Panel 3
    The Pugyal Dynasty
    The Kings of Yarlung
  • Panel 4
    The Bon Religion
    The First Unifying Factor
  • Panel 5
    A Great Military Empire
    The Three Religious Kings
  • Panel 6
    The Light Comes From India
    Buddhism Takes Root in Tibet
  • Panel 7
    A Script from India
    The Translation Can Start
  • Panel 8
    Sowa Rigpa
    The Tibetan Art of Healing
  • Panel 9
    Cultural and Religious Renaissance
    The Second Propagation
  • Panel 10
    The Source is Dry
    The Decline of Buddhism in India
  • Panel 11
    Priest-Patron Relation
    A Special Partnership with the Mongols
  • Panel 12
    Titles, Decrees and Dharma
    A Genuine Autonomy?
  • Panel 13
    The Rise of the Yellow Order
    The First Dalai Lamas
  • Panel 14
    The Great Fifth Dalai Lama
    A Harmonious Blend
  • Panel 15
    The Sixth Dalai Lama
    On the White Wings
  • Panel 16
    Troubled Times
    The Difficult Centuries
  • Panel 17
    Conflicts with the Neighbours
    Tibet Fights its own Wars

  • Panel 18
    A Policy of Isolation
    The Forbidden Land
  • Panel 19
    The Younghusband Expedition
    The Empire Strikes
  • Panel 20
    From Exile to Independence
    The Trials of a Dalai Lama
  • Panel 21
    The Tripartite Convention in Simla
    The McMahon Line is Drawn
  • Panel 22
    The Clouds are Gathering
    The Warning of a Progressive Leader
  • Panel 23
    The Last Happy Years
    Life as Usual on the Roof of the World
  • Panel 24
    Signs of an Independent Nation
    Isolated but Free
  • Panel 25
    Tibet becomes a Chinese Colony
    The Roof of the World Invaded
  • Acknowledgments and Credits
    Our gratitude to...