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  • India-France relations set to move into high gear - September 28, 2008
    With the India-US nuclear deal nearing congressional approval, India and France are expected to sign a bilateral civil nuclear cooperation pact that will restore nuclear business with France after a gap of more than three decades.
    Though Indo-French relations have never had the high profile character of the Indo-US, this agreement will mark the culmination of ten years of a successful strategic partnership.
  • Father of modern Olympic spirit largely forgotten - August 5, 2008 (IANS)
    The Beijing Olympics are almost here, but not many remember Pierre de Coubertin, the French baron who restored the Olympic Games in 1896. The spirit with which the ancient Games were revived and Coubertin’s objectives seem to belong to a bygone era, though remembering the first steps of Olympism is inspiring. Coubertin was a man of exceptional talent; he was not only an organiser, a pedagogue, a historian, a sportsman, a writer, an aesthete, but also a visionary, a great humanist and a man of action. Olympism was for him nothing else than the ‘religion of mankind’.
  • Chinese settlements in Tibet ’demographic aggression’: Dalai Lama - January 24, 2008
    The Dalai Lama is still hopeful of resolving the Tibetan issue with China but he fears that a "demographic aggression" by the Han Chinese will make autonomy for his homeland meaningless.
    The Tibetan spiritual leader also described as "very serious" reports that the Chinese had built very good quality roads on their side of the border that India and China dispute.
  • The City of Dawn is alive and well - December 2, 2007
    Was it a mirage? Five thousand people of different races and nationalities assembling on a piece of totally barren land in Villupuram district! They had been invited by Unesco to inaugurate a new city in this desert of red laterite, a city that would "belong to nobody in particular, but humanity as a whole"...
  • Puducherry, A French Window on India - December 6, 2007
    "Give time a break!" is the motto coined by the Pondicherry (now Puducherry) department of tourism to attract tourists to what used to be a sleepy colonial town. But things have changed.
    In 2006 alone, nearly 700,000 tourists (among them 46,000 foreigners) visited the former capital of French India. This represents a staggering increase of 20 percent over the previous year - nine percent above the national average - and this makes the union territory one of favourite tourist spots in India ...
  • Pitroda calls for 1,000 community radio stations in a year - September 15, 2007
    Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission Sam Pitroda has called for at least 1,000 community radio stations to be set up in the country in a year’s time.
    In a video message to participants at a media workshop in Auroville here, Pitroda also called for greater awareness of radio’s usefulness.