Historical Documents / November 28, 2016

The North-East Frontier Agency

A collection of selected documents of the North-East Frontier Agency mainly between 1947 and 1962

  • Basic Problems of NEFA – A Note from Nehru (1955)
    During my brief visit to Shillong I have had the opportunity to discuss some of the problems of the North East Frontier Agency with the Governor and others here. I am not referring to the little trouble we are having in the Tuensang Division, but rather to the basic problems we have in these tribal areas and our general approach to them. Broadly speaking, we have indicated our approach in the past and I believe that, on the whole, this is being followed. And, yet, new problems arise from day to day and we have to be wide awake so as to learn from experience and adapt ourselves to the experience gained by our work…

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